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We've been active in various fields on the internet since 2000. We have been designing logos and corporate identities, websites and web templates, selling stock photography and webhosting. We also are experts and traders in old (vintage) postcards and other print objects, of which we own a large collection. This incudes digital restoration of old photos, vintage postcards, posters and other paper documents. Unlike some other sellers, we don't just take a digital file of an old print and throw it online. We carefully restore and enhance each document. PS: Always zoom in to see the details when you purchase a print or (post) card from an old photo, postcard or poster. Also take a good look at the freshness of the colors. 2 reproductions of 2 different sellers of exactly the same vintage document can have large differences in quality. +12 years of doing business on the internet brought us over 10,000 happy customers. Looking for something you can't find in our store, want a design, but slightly different or on another object? Don't hesitate to contact us. Just click the "SEND MESSAGE" in the left navigation bar (near the bottom). --- We speak English. Nous parlons français. Hablamos español. Wir sprechen Deutsch. Parliamo italiano. Wij spreken Nederlands.
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