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This store is a project that began as a joke and is growing each day a little bit. It's like a game for me. I have always worked with graphic arts. I worked in advertising agencies as an illustrator for six years, then I worked with the creation of patterns for clothing and visual arts. Nowadays I create designs for silk screen printing. Although the store is not yet as I will, I hope at least something you like. A little of my graphic work, my references, my new and old designs, all together. It's really a mixed store, but you will certainly find here a gift that pleases you. Zazzle provides quality products, and the shop offers an original work with my designs. Search here for art, patterns, music, sports, world maps, bicycles, flags, flowers, cats and dogs illustrations, cow, pigs, horses, whales, and other themes... all customizable in many different colors and sizes. As most of my designs are only images, you can also add some text to them. Thank you for stopping by.
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HopePrints comentou sobre mixedworld 28/01/2011
Olá muito obrigado pelos seu comentario na minha loja foi muito abgradavel gostei muito.Sou de Portugal sim,tens razão é muito bonito portugal.Mas Brasil pelo que tenho victo tb tem coisas muito bonitas.Beijinhos.
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HopePrints comentou sobre mixedworld 27/01/2011
Super Congrats on your TBA 5 STARS
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