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Washington, United States
Go back to Rene Descartes "I Think, Therefore I Am". Never enjoyed the humor along the lines of what a "normal person" thought was funny. So, being fascinated by the interplay of science, technology, economics, psychology and the like, Words & Unwords was born. Science (geek humor) just fits an outlook on life that has always existed but rarely showcased to the world. Instead of hiding it, it shines brightly here. This store is dedicated to showing the world the intersection between the funny and the serious.
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EKG/ECG Heartbeat (Electrocardiogram Sinus Rhythm)
Statistics, Anyone?
DNA Replication (Genes / Molecular Biology Humor)
Wonderland (Alice In Wonderland Adventure)
Brain (Humor)
Just Running On Krebs (Krebs Cycle - TCAC)
Health & Medicine
Sedimental / Sedimentary Attitude (Geology Humor)
This Machine Is Powered By
Bridge / Duplicate Bridge Saying Humor Gifts
Earth's Timeline (Geological Age)
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Words & Unwords
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